This Buzz Lightyear Cake was made for a charity auction winner and her 6 year old son. It took approximately 20 hours.

The head and backpack/wings are made with sculpted light Styrofoam, covered in fondant. I used a square cake for the base (legs). The body is a cake baked in a Pyrex bowl with a 6″ round cake on top. I carved a piece out of one side of the square cake to accommodate the small end of the bowl cake. One piece of fondant was used to cover the round, bowl and top part of the square (legs).

The backpack/wings were used to prop the “body” up, or it would have fallen over backwards. Use small wooden dowels to attach the backpack/wings and also the head. The arms were made separately and attached with a small wooden dowel. Icing writers were used for the small detail on the uniform and the silver is from an edible powder (mixed with water) and then painted on to the white fondant.

I’ve found that it helps to cook and then cool the cakes in the fridge prior to icing with royal icing (you need to do that so the fondant sticks). Once iced with royal icing, put them back in the fridge for a while. It is easier to use the fondant if the royal icing is not too runny on the cake.

I started making fondant cakes because of inspiration from this website, although I had dabled with shaped cake pans prior.

 Buzz Lightyear Cake

 Buzz Lightyear Cake