This Homemade Buzz Lightyear Rocket Birthday Cake was made for a Buzz Lightyear themed birthday for one of my friend’s son. The cupcakes are homemade chocolate and vanilla. They were decorated with homemade buttercream frosting colored with Wilton food color. The vanilla cupcakes are decorated to resemble little alien spaceships using the purple icing for the body, blue icing for the window and yellow icing for the lights.

I decorated the chocolate cupcakes with the faces of the aliens. The mouth is buttercream and the eyes are made with fondant.

The actual Rocket is a five layer cake (made with 6in round pan) with buttercream between each layer and two wooden dowels stuck vertically to hold all the layers together and cut with serrated cake knife to make the shape at the top. I covered the cake with white fondant (store bought). I printed out a picture of Buzz Lightyear’s rocket box to use as a visual guide for the details on the cake which I made by hand with different frosting tips.