My daughter is a budding chef and wanted her cake to reflect her passion for baking. I wanted all of the decorations on this Cake for a Girl Baker to be edible so I used a combination of cereal, cookies and Candymelts to make them.

First, I made the “Happy Birthday” and name signs from Candymelts (also known as Almond bark coating). I melted and then poured it into a star-shaped cookie cutter which was sitting in a waxed-paper lined pan. It solidifies in a few minutes. Gently press it out of the cookie cutter and repeat as needed. The words and designs were piped on with more Candymelts.

To make the round blue “plates”, I poured the Candymelts into the bottom of a paper bowl. It makes perfect circles. To make the standing figure, I first drew a picture on white paper. With waxed paper placed over the drawing, I outlined the drawing with chocolate Candymelts and then filled in the colors after the chocolate had set. I added a 2-inch extension below the feet so I could insert that into the cake when standing the figure on the cake. The figure is rather thin, so after all the colors had set completely, I piped a thick layer (any color) of Candymelts completely over the top.

After it hardens in the refrigerator, the bottom, or flat side, of the figure is the front and the thick layer of Candymelts will be the back.

For the “baked goods”: I used Apple Jacks dipped in Candymelts and sprinkles for the donuts. The cookies are just Cookie Crisp cereal. The cinnamon rolls are little cookies with Candymelts piped on in a spiral. The eclairs are little bread sticks dipped in chocolate Candymelts. The cookies and breadsticks are part of Honey Nut Chex Mix.

The mini decorated cake in the center is a Hostess Ding Dong topped with a mini cupcake and decorated with Candymelts (including the mini candles).

I filled in the empty spaces with little freehand flowers made of leftover Candymelts, and that’s it!