This Camouflage Tank Cake is a lot easier than it looks, so don’t be afraid! What I love most is that the whole cake is edible! It is a 9×13 on bottom and a loaf pan on top. While the cake was baking I coated the pretzel sticks, pretzel rod and marshmallows in chocolate (I always make extras to be on the safe side) and put them in the fridge to set.

After the cakes spent a night in the freezer, I put on a vanilla crumb coat. Then I used the Wilton 5-lb. box of fondant, which I tinted with Willow Green. I covered the bottom cake first, then cut out that front section of the tank. When that was done, I put a small blob of frosting on top to hold the top cake. I trimmed all fondant with a paring knife before I stacked the cakes.

Next I took chocolate frosting in a bag and ran a few lines along the long sides for the tracks. I cut black licorice in half width-wise and laid them side by side. Then I ran some more frosting lines to stick on the chocolate sandwich cookies for wheels. I bought a small box of Wilton pre-colored fondant in “natural tones” (there were fondant faces all over the box) for the camouflage pieces. I just randomly cut out shapes, wet the backs lightly and stuck them on.

I pushed a pretzel stick into the marshmallow and fastened it to the top of the cake with a blob of frosting. I stuck the pretzel rod in the front and then secured it with frosting from a pastry bag. I used a small tip to write USA in white.

Because I had leftover fondant, I laid it all out in front for dirt. I bought sprinkles (I think they are the “crunchies” you use in ice cream cakes??) and used my roller to press them into the fondant.