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Coolest Candy Land Birthday Cake 20

by Temika J.
(Brooklyn, NY)

Homemade Candy Land Birthday Cake

Homemade Candy Land Birthday Cake

A friend of mine decided to test my cake skills, and requested a Candy Land Birthday Cake. She had so many suggestions but I told her "I got it". Her suggestions had nothing to do with the actual game board.

I bought bags and bags of candy not knowing exactly what I was going to do with it all. First I made 3 batters because the pan was deep and huge. It was 11x15x3. I crumb coated the cake with buttercream and laid Wilton's fondant over it. I used fondant as the game pieces. Some colors I had already, others I had to dye (after the fact a friend suggested laffy taffy) I have several sections of candy "lands".

First stop was the Gummy Jungle. I used mini Twix bars and put green icing on top to make trees and placed gummy bears around the trees. We then go to LollyWorld, where I inserted colorful lollipops and used different color icing around the base of the lollipops. Next is Chocolate Craters, a mountain of Reeses peanut butter cups with chocolate icing dripping off of it. We then go to Peppermint Pile, regular red and white peppermints with red cinnamon candies along with peppermint sprinkles, this then leads to the birthday girls personal cake with which I used Bazooka gum as the pathways.

The house was decorated with icing and jelly beans and NON EDIBLE letters. Inside the house was juju beans! The base of the b-day girls cake was a candy necklace. The base of the larger cake was in the front and back, colorful peppermints and on the side I braided the tropical Twizzlers. The corners of the cake had the Twizzlers and juju beans on top of it. I added also ring pops just as an extra piece of candy.

In this picture you can't see but I also make a fondant ginger bread girl with two pony tails. The filling was a buttercream walnut filling.




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Very cute!
by: Anonymous

Very cute and inventive. The Laffy Taffy wouldn't have looked as good, so the colored fondant was a good choice. For fondant that is actually tasty, though, try to find the brand Satin Ice. I find it's also much easier to work with.

Awesome Job
by: Mizpoeme

Love the Candyland cake so much that my niece is getting it for her 11th birthday. I saw last post mentioned a better tasting fondant . I make my own marshmallow fondant and it's so easy . Just use marsmallows in a greased casserole dish with a bit of water stiring every 30 seconds till melted then kneed in icing sugar and then your gel color. This stuff freezes great too I always cut out extra shapes and letters for future cakes and just layer between parchment paper. Thanks for sharing .

Can I get the same cake from you?
by: Reese


by: Temika J

You can contact me on my website. www.BakersReality-dot-com

Thanks for the compliments!

I use the Satin Ice as well as Petinice. Since doing this cake I have come across a lot of different brands of fondant and tried them all. Fondx is cool as well.

by: Anonymous

OMG your cake was incredible, the time and effort it must have taken you to create this, lots of detail and colors. Very Cool

very cute
by: katie

very cute i might have it for my birthday cake

Pathway :-)
by: Anonymous

How did u make the pathway??

by: rose

how cute naman of your cake... it looks like a land of candies... i hope i can try your cakes''''

by: farheen

its a fantastic

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