I created this Cars Disney Birthday Cake for my nephew. This was the first one I created, the year before it was Elmo and that was the first cake I did for kids and I really got into it. After that even went to school to be a cake decorator and just recently graduated. This cake I did while I was in school. He was into Cars so much. So I just had to make it for him.

I used the Cars cake pan and a 12in cake pan. Frosting, red, black, white, yellow and orange food coloring. I used the star tip and added strawberry filling. It took me a while to detail it but his eyes lit up so much when he saw it it didn’t matter.

This year he’s getting a Sponge Bob cake but shhhh don’t tell him lol. This isn’t one of my best cakes but it really meant a lot to me because it made him happy.