My son requested a castle cake for his birthday after studying castles in school. He thought it would be cheaper than buying one from Publix this year, although it was not.

I started this castle birthday cake with throw away cake pans, one a large rectangle and the other a small square. I measured them in the store to make sure the smaller one would fit on top of the larger one. I used almost 2 Pillsbury yellow cake mixes. I had a small amount of batter left over, so I made a few cupcakes.

I purchased buttercream icing from Publix, since we all LOVE their icing; I added black food coloring to make the icing gray. After I baked the cakes according to the instructions, I put the large cake on a cookie sheet with deep sides, frosted it and then put the smaller one centered in the back of the larger cake. I used sugar and waffle cones to make the towers. I frosted them and sprinkled blue sugar crystals on the waffle cones, since they are on top. It takes 2 sugar and 1 waffle cone to make each tower.

I bought premade black icing and piped that on the towers for windows. I used sugar cubes for the bricks around the edges, I coated them with the icing so they would blend it. I used Hershey bars for the windows and a Kit Kat (broken into pieces) for the door and drawbridge. The “rope” for the bridge was just red twist ties.

For the moat I used Blueberry Whoppers (I found them around Easter time). I secured them in place with a dab of icing. The grass is Easter grass that I stuck around the castle. I found the cool looking candles at my local Walmart. The knights I found at Toys R Us and the dragon was purchased from Arabian Nights (a dinner theater in Kissimmee, FL).

It took me a little over two hours to finished everything. My son said this cake was awesome.