This is the first time that I ever tried to make more than just a plain cake. It was for my daughter’s first birthday and of course it was a princess theme. I got the idea from doing a lot of research of a Castle Birthday Cake and picking and choosing the parts from each I liked best.

I made the butter cream icing from scratch but I think it would have been just as good with store bought icing. I made sure I colored enough icing at one time to cover everything pink before I began so I would not have to try to match the color later.

The bottom is two 10″ square pans (each takes one cake mix.)

The middle is two 7″ round cakes (one cake mix for both)

The corners and top are cupcakes (one cake mix makes 24).

I used a cake leveler on the square and round cakes before I assembled it. I put a thin white coat of icing on the square cakes with a thick layer between the two cakes. Then frost with the pink frosting. Next, put a thick layer on the round cake and place the other one on top and put do a thin white layer on the whole thing. Place the round cake in the center of the square cake.

Place the cupcakes on the corners of the cake. I used bamboo skewers inside to go from the point of the cone down into the cake through the cupcake to hold everything in place.

I used mini marshmallow around the cake, with white chocolate candy bar for the windows and Draw Bridge. The rope is a thin piece of licorice.

I placed the whole cake on a piece of cardboard covered with aluminum foil. I spread a thin layer of white frosting on the whole thing. The grass is coconut colored green with blue sugar for the water.

It was enough cake to serve a lot of people but I ended up freezing some after the party and it was great.