I am an at-home mom who enjoys making desserts. I started on this site to get some ideas for a castle cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I loved all the castle ideas, so I used multiple tips and pictures and came up with my own design. This was my 1st attempt at this type of cake, and it took me about 4 days solid to make, but I really wanted to try it out and play with the different techniques. Really needed this cake to be stable, we transported it to the park for the Bday party. To accomplish this, see stabilizing steps below, plus I left the 2 front towers off and added them when we arrived.

Castle towers are cake cones, dipped in white chocolate – dipped the bottoms first, then let dry, then dipped the tops and rolled in sparkling sugar and set sugar side down on wax paper to dry. “Glued” together with more melted chocolate. Gently sawed the bottoms off the cones for the top 3 spires, just leaving the sparkled, rolled tops. Tips of towers are made out of colored, rolled fondant (filled the cones with mini marshmallows to set the fondant on), then brushed sparkle dust on them with a paint brush.

Bottom cake is 12” round: 1 layer split and filled cake (homemade chocolate w/raspberry and buttercream filling), middle cake is 9” hexagon (you could sculpt hexagon from a circle or sheet cake): 3 layers of filled cake (homemade vanilla w/ raspberry and buttercream filling), and top layer is a 6” round: 3 layers of filled cake (vanilla w/ raspberry and buttercream filling). The homemade castle birthday cake is set on a 16” cake base.

Cakes are dirty iced with buttercream, then covered in fondant. Plastic dowels in between each cake, and each cake is set on cardboard cut to size. 3 top spires on cake are secured with a large wooden BBQ skewer pushed all the way down the cake to the bottom gently using a hammer, then pushed the cone through the top, leaving enough skewer on top to go into the fondant inside the cone. 2 pink-topped towers are secured to the cake also using a large BBQ skewer, goes up into the fondant and cut to size.

Grey trim, door, windows, stone path and large pink roses are made from colored, rolled fondant. All other flowers, leaves and vines are royal icing (made flowers ahead of time and let them dry, then glued them to the cake with buttercream). Flower centers and trim around tops of spires are accented with white and pink edible pearls.