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Coolest Castle Birthday Cake 605

by Kim S.
(Fresno, CA, USA.)

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake
Homemade Castle Birthday Cake
Homemade Castle Birthday Cake
Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

I made this castle birthday cake for a friend of mine. Her daughter loves the Disneyland Castle and thinks it is "her" castle. I had so much fun making this cake. I stayed up all night adding details to it.

I started planning it by looking at lots of pictures of the castle. I stacked pans and pieces to see what would look best. After baking, I frosted and covered the cake pieces with fondant. Gray for the castle and pink for the top cake. On the gray, I used a brick embosser to make it look like the castle and added little paint strokes of color to some of the bricks.

When I got that figured out, I covered the Wilton castle pieces with fondant and used an old wedding cake topper for the very top princess to stand on. Pinks and blues were the colors of the fondant needed. And a little sparkle for the towers. I even added little pieces of spaghetti to the tops of the towers and then painted them gold with luster dust.

Lots of little added paints of gold and a birthday banner across the top of the drawbridge for the birthday girl. The drawbridge had spaghetti for the lowering chains. Painted gold to match. My friend had bought all the princesses at the Disney Store.

The cake was on a foam core board that I spray painted with Wilton spray color. Blue and green. It is one of my favorite cakes! I am also a lover of all things Disney, too. So, I was so excited to take on this challenge! I stayed up all night working on it. When she got the cake home, her daughter thought it was a dollhouse to play with. She had to try and keep her away from it before the party. She wanted to move the princesses around and play with it!

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Coolest castle birthday cake 605
by: Della

Kim you never cease to amaze me with your talent in cake design and creating. You can't even call it making a cake! lol lol I make a cake and pray it isn't lopsided and your create and design a piece of architecture! As usual beautiful! I love seeing your creations they are so awesome who could think of eating them!

Castle Cake
by: Anonymous

Fun lookig cake. Great job!

Castle Cake
by: Anonymous

What a fun cake for a little gir's birthday!

Dreams DO come true
by: Sherri

I love this cake. It looks just like the Disneyland castle. I bet the recipient was thrilled with this cake. Dreams DO come true!

Best cake
by: Anonymous

This cake is amazing and I enjoyed reading about the way it was put together. So clever. This one has my vote!

Awesome cake!
by: Anonymous

This cake is the best! Hands down!!! Love the detail!

by: Anonymous

Very cool! looks like you could walk in and have a party!

Looks Beautiful
by: Anonymous

Looks beautiful and I know it tastes wonderful also. Nice work Kim.

by: Mike

This cake is soooooo cooooool!

by: Peg H.

BEAUTIFUL cake! You are talented!

Love it!!
by: Tina

Reminds me when you made one for Allie's first birthday. It was the "Coolest Castle" cake I've ever seen!!


That is a beautiful cake Kim. The detail is fantastic!!!

Great Castle Cake
by: Anonymous

This is definitely my favorite. It's gorgeous and I enjoyed reading the clever way it was made.

Love the Disney castle....
by: Lynn Olivas

What a beautiful cake, colors and detail. Just love it!!!!!

I vote for this one !!
by: Cara

I love it!!!!

Cake by Kim Smith Fresno Ca
by: Ramona

Wow this is a cake. Lots of time and hours went into this cake. Hope you win something for it. It is great.

by: Megan

Wow awesome cake! You did a great job and would be so excited to have this cake! Beautiful work!!

Coolest Castle Birthday Cake 605
by: Patricia Paboojian

What a wonderful cake so much detail.
Some little girl is getting the most beautiful cake to celebrate her special day Lucky little one.
Congratulations to the cake artist.
Love, Mrs. Pat p.

Kim's Castle
by: Roberta Jaire

This cake is what cakes should be all about! It is so beautiful and detailed.

Castle Cake
by: Anonymous

Fun cake. Thanks for the info on how to put it together!

I want to play with this to
by: kathy m

this is so beautiful I am envious of the ability to create something this great

Kim's cake
by: Janice Leffel

Beautiful cake, can't believe all the detail.

Love it!
by: Anonymous

Very Talented!

by: Anonymous

What an awesome cake. A Disney fan dream cake

by: Chellie

This is a Disney Princess lover's dream cake!! Our 20 y.o. daughter wants one for her birthday.

dream cake
by: Debbi wilhelm

Kim what a great job You did on the beautiful cake. How do you find the time??? Evey little girls dream cake.

Kim Rocks It!
by: Charity

Kim, you do it time and time again...your cakes are the coolest cakes ever! This castle one is amazing! Great job!

Kim Rocks It!
by: Charity

Kim, you do it time and time again...your cakes are the coolest cakes ever! This castle one is amazing! Great job!

Just Dreamy!
by: Anonymous

Looks as awesome as I've ever seen!

impressive !!!
by: Mrs. Pat P.

You did a great Job. Love this cake. Congrats Kim

Castle Cake
by: Anonymous

This is one of the best Disney Castle cakes that I have seen!

by: Anonymous

What little girl wouldn't want this cake to help her celebrate her birthday! Love it!!!

Disney Cake ROCKS
by: Lynn K. Olivas

Absolutely beautiful cake. You are so very talented, Kim. Lot the details on this cake.

Wonderful job Kim!
by: Kimberly Farrell

Beautiful job Kim! I always enjoy looking at the amazing job you do with cakes. You definitely have a special tallent in decorating!

My cousin is THE BEST!!
by: Darci fletcher

My cousin Kim is the most talented, devoted and hardest working cake baker/decorator in the works! She deserves the highest award ever for her beautiful creations!!!

Beauriful cake!
by: Anonymous

Such talent! Great job!

You are amazingly talented!
by: Melanie D.

This is an amazing cake! It is so fun and cute. This would make any little girls birthday super special. One of the most talented cake makers I know!

by: Denise Nicholes

This is just ONE of the AMAZING cakes that Kim makes. Soooooo talented.

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