I made this castle birthday cake for a friend of mine. Her daughter loves the Disneyland Castle and thinks it is “her” castle. I had so much fun making this cake. I stayed up all night adding details to it.

I started planning it by looking at lots of pictures of the castle. I stacked pans and pieces to see what would look best. After baking, I frosted and covered the cake pieces with fondant. Gray for the castle and pink for the top cake. On the gray, I used a brick embosser to make it look like the castle and added little paint strokes of color to some of the bricks.

When I got that figured out, I covered the Wilton castle pieces with fondant and used an old wedding cake topper for the very top princess to stand on. Pinks and blues were the colors of the fondant needed. And a little sparkle for the towers. I even added little pieces of spaghetti to the tops of the towers and then painted them gold with luster dust.

Lots of little added paints of gold and a birthday banner across the top of the drawbridge for the birthday girl. The drawbridge had spaghetti for the lowering chains. Painted gold to match. My friend had bought all the princesses at the Disney Store.

The cake was on a foam core board that I spray painted with Wilton spray color. Blue and green. It is one of my favorite cakes! I am also a lover of all things Disney, too. So, I was so excited to take on this challenge! I stayed up all night working on it. When she got the cake home, her daughter thought it was a dollhouse to play with. She had to try and keep her away from it before the party. She wanted to move the princesses around and play with it!