I made this Castle Birthday Cake Design for my friend Ashley’s daughter’s 1st birthday 2 years ago. Her theme was Medieval princess/castle party, including all kinds of decorations that were princess/knights and anything to do with medieval times.

I started by using the Wilton Castle kit. The bottom consists of 2- 12 inch round round cakes, and the top was 2 10 inch round cakes. I flat frosted the layers with my homemade buttercream frosting and put them together. The next thing I did was decorate the door and front windows then placed them onto the cake. I then decorated the 4 outer towers and put those onto the cake. Then I added the vines with a number 2 tip so they could be small and I could get the curves right. Then I finished decorating the other windows and towers and set them in a special box I made to hold them up until I got to the party the next day to set it up(setting them inside my oven for safe keepings-or so I thought).

I decorated everything once and went to bed. The next morning I had another cake to do for a baby shower the next day so I made the cake mix and preheated the oven (this is where it gets good)! I went about my business making my new batch of frosting and all the sudden could smell something plasticy burning. Well I never took the towers out of the oven and all of the frosting melted off completely!!! I had to do them all over again but I liked them better the 2nd time at least.

This was definitely a learning experience for me. I now take the oven knob off the oven right after I put a cake in there that is already done!