This Castle cake was for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. It was easy to make but time consuming. I made 3 layer 9″ round cakes. After they were cooled and filled with buttercream icing, I iced the cake with pale pink buttercream and let it crust, then smoothed it.

I traced all the windows and doors with a toothpick before piping. For the princesses peeking out the windows, I used pictures that I had cut from a child’s pinwheel. (I washed and dried them first). I just “glued” them with icing and piped the window frame with brighter pink icing. I piped a green vine around each window and climbing up around the door.

The ribbon roses were made in advance and were made from pink Starburst candies. I put one in the microwave and softened it for about 5 seconds. I rolled it out flat onto my counter top dusted with cornstarch. I used a cutter to cut the Starburst into a ribbon shape, discard scraps (or eat them!). Working quickly so it won’t harden, roll up the ribbon rose tightly at first and getting looser as it ends. While the ribbon roses are still warm, insert a toothpick into them and slightly pinch to adhere to toothpick. Allow to air dry until hardened. I made 3 for the top of each window and the door. After I placed the roses I piped green leaves around each rose.

The turrets were made in advance from sugar cones. I triple dipped the cones in white almond bark. Allowing to completely dry on wax paper between each coat except for the last dip. When the cone was still a little wet, but not enough to run badly, I dropped it down into a container full of pink sparkling sugar and carefully rolled it over with the help of a skewer. (I mixed light pink and bright pink). I allowed it to dry completely on waxed paper. I stored them in a box in the fridge to keep it from breaking and the sugar from coming off.

I ran out of time and couldn’t make the towers that I wanted to make so I just used a cupcake to elevate each tower a little. I planned the placement of the towers around the tiara topper that I added later. I iced the cupcakes the same color of pink as the cake. I wanted more height, so I placed a few pink strawberry marshmallows on a skewer. I measured each skewer with the marshmallows to make sure that the skewer would not be showing, only the marshmallows. You can trim your skewers if they are too long, just make sure you don’t have splinters! I`made 3 skewers and stuck one in each cupcake. The turrets were placed on top of the marshmallow skewers.

I piped a brighter pink rosette border around the bottom and top of the cake and around each cupcake. I piped bright pink rosettes to insert the candles into. I added the pink tiara for the topper. I made a flag out of card stock on the computer (in advance). I taped it to a skewer and then hid the tape with curling ribbon and placed that into the cake.

She loved her cake, was super excited about it and had to personally show each person!