Whew! This cake was not easy, as you will learn as you begin to make one for your little princess. By the time it was finished, my back was killing me, but it was so worth it. My three-year-old is truly a princess (which makes me the queen!).

My daughter and I made a different part of the cake each night, and I assembled and frosted it after she went to bed the night before her party. Each section was placed into the freezer to make assembly and frosting easier. Monday – cupcakes and cones, Tuesday – day off – it was her actually birthday, Wednesday – two 9 by 13s, Thursday – two 8 inch circles. She really liked “helping.”

The bottom is two 13 by 9s, and the top is two 8 inch circles, but I cut the circles to fit – so they are probably more like 6 inch circles. The “bushes” are just cupcakes, but the towers are ice cream cones. The cones were placed on top of cup cake papers and batter in the oven. The cake will rise into the cone, but I cut off the tops to make a smooth surface before I put them into the freezer. TIP: Before you put the cones into the freezer, poke a hole through the bottom with a straw.

The cakes are all held together with straws, and the towers are stuck to the cakes with straws as well. The drawbridge is a Hershey bar and licorice. The tower tops are pink marshmallows. I bought two bags of the colored ones to make sure I had enough pink, but one was more than enough.

The water is just a $1 table cloth cut to fit, and of course it wouldn’t be complete without the goldfish crackers.

I used:

5 boxes of cake mix – bottom was yellow and chocolate, top was marble, cupcakes were confetti

5 cans of frosting – chocolate in between the layers (hidden), and lots of vanilla for the outside and the cones

2 containers of Betty Crocker Cupcake Icing (pink for the doors, windows, and trim, and green for the bushes). The green ran out JUST as I was finishing the last of the 12 bushes.

I can’t wait to see what kind of cake she’ll want next year. Hopefully I’ll be up for the challenge.