I have used this site several times to get great ideas for cakes for my children’s birthdays, including this castle cake. I hope others can benefit from my ideas as well.

I made this castle cake for my daughter’s first birthday. To make the cake, I used a 6 inch and a 10 inch Wilton pan. I made 2 of each, which took 4 white cake mix boxes. (I did not end up using the second small cake). I recommend baking and freezing cakes ahead of time (I usually do them 1 week in advance). They come out much moister and are easier to decorate. It also helps not to have to do so much at the last minute. People always ask me for my cake recipe, because they taste like they were made from scratch after freezing.

To make the turrets, I trimmed the tips off the sugar cones with scissors to create a hole (used for the flags later). I then dipped the sugar cones in melted white chocolate and rolled in color sugar. (I colored the sugar myself with granulated sugar and food gel.) To decorate, I used a stiff buttercream frosting for all icing. To assemble, I layered the 10 inch cakes and iced them. I then put one 6 inch cake on top and iced it. Next, I added the turret bases (regular ice cream cones). I poked holes in the bottom of the cones for the flags before putting them on the cake. I placed 4 cones on the top of the 10 inch cake at the edges of the 6 inch cake and one in the middle on the top of the 6 inch cake, for a total of 5 cones. I then put the sugar cones upside down on top of the ice cream cones and pushed the bamboo skewers through the holes that I made in the cones and all the way through into the cake. The flags were made of bamboo skewers with paper flags (made on the computer).

I colored batches of the icing purple, pink, and green with Wilton food gel. I used a #16 Wilton star tip to create the trim, doors, and windows. I used a #224 Wilton drop flower tip to create the flowers, and a #352 Wilton leaf tip to do the vines and leaves. It took me about an hour and a half to decorate.

Everyone loved the cake, and my daughter had a wonderful first birthday!