This Castle Cake was made for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party. I took different ideas off of this website and created my own masterpiece. The bottom layer is made up of three (3) 9 inch round cakes stacked and trimmed. The top layer is made up of two (2) six inch round cakes stacked towards the back. The whole cake is covered in a homemade marshmallow fondant that I found the recipe for on the internet.

The towers are made up of 9 cake cones stuck end to end and “glued” together with white chocolate. They were then covered in colored frosting and “glued: top the tray with icing. To get the middle and back bottom towers to stand a bit taller, I made rice krispie treats, cut them into circles to match the size of the cake cone, and put the back towers on two (2) rice krispie treats, and middle towers on one (1). The towers on the top of the cake were stuck on and then I put wooden skewers through to stabilize them.

The triangle in the front is also made out of a triangle rice krispie treat, covered in fondant, and a skewer was also placed through it to keep it put. The flowers were all made from the same fondant that covered the cake and they were cut out using a fondant cutter. The door was made with color flow icing. The tower tops were sugar cones that I brushed with a glaze (powdered sugar and water dyed pink) and then rolled in colored sugar. I then finished off the cake with green frosting that I used as “leaves” under the fondant flowers.

This cake was a HUGE hit. I had people asking where I bought it from and they didn’t believe I made it! Kids from other birthday parties were coming over to look at our cake! I started this cake a week in advance and made the fondant first, cut the flowers, made the cakes and froze them and so on. So when it came time to assemble it, it took about 3 hours and then we were done.

The cake was placed on a plastic clear serving tray which made it SO easy to transport to the party venue!