I came across this website when my daughter requested a Castle Cake Idea for her 4th birthday. I gathered all of my favorite ideas and compiled them into one cake, along with my own ideas.

– I used 4 cake mixes altogether (Duncan Heinz)

(Three cakes make up the bottom base and one smaller cake for the top layer.)

– Made my own butter cream icing

– The pillars are made from rice crispy treat (as were the little squares sitting on top)

– To make the pillars, I used an empty, regular sized coffee can (has to be metal). I greased it up with butter and set it down on a flat surface. Once rice crispy treat was made, while warm I filled the can right to the top, make sure to pack rice crispy treats in firmly to hold shape of can. To speed things up, I set the can in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes to set the shape and then pushed the r.c.treat out with my hand. Very easy and worked really well. I then made a thin batch of rice crispy squares and cut them into little squares/rectangles for on top of the pillar. Use icing as glue to get them onto the pillar. These will be tricky to ice the first night and takes quite a while.

– Flowers were hand made with fondant and centered with pipped icing (used a cookie cutter and then placed each flower on top of a sponge and used a q-tip to push in centre, which raised the petals. Flowers were really easy to do!

– Put cake together in first night and refrigerated it for 24hrs to set icing which traps in the crumbs

– Made my own colours using the gel food colouring

– Iced the cake, which seemed to be the trickiest part

– Great tip for smoothing out icing. To create a smooth finish, dip your icing knife into hot water, dry it off and it will melt the icing just enough to make smooth.

-Decorating the cake was fun, spray icing to create depth, sprinkle, piped vines, flowers and beads stuck with no issues, Cones were iced and then rolled in sparkles. “Clodhoppers” were used as the rocks, and cobblestone, jelly bellies was the water and I used a special piping tip for the grass.

My daughter loved it and I felt very proud of my very first cake of this magnitude as I have never made anything like this before.