I got the idea for this Cat in the Hate cake from this website! The main difference is that I did my cake using the star tip of my decorating kit! It took about an hour and a half to do all the stars.

This cake is actually made of 6 layers instead of the 5 that are visible! I made 2 yellow,2 chocolate, and 2 strawberry (this looked very nice inside!), and alternated red and white icing inside. After I had placed the 4th cake, I put three wooden dowels inside and topped it with a round piece of cardboard to hold up the cake (I didn’t want it to collapse due to all that weight!).

Before starting the stars, I did the outline of each layer and the wrinkles of the hat in black, then added the red and white stars.

For the brim, I cut a piece of cardboard that was a few inches wider than the cake, and I iced it with white icing. Underneath the brim is an even bigger piece of cardboard that I covered in wrapping paper and glued to the brim with a glue gun. I found some Dr. Seuss clip art online and printed them on cardstock and cut them out, then attached toothpicks to the back. These were placed in the cake after I delivered it!

The cake was for my niece and I had to drive two hours away to get it there, so in order to prevent the cake from toppling over on the drive, I froze it the night before. It was still frozen when they cut it but tasted great cold! It was overall a huge hit and was not difficult to make!