My friend’s son loves the new Alice in Wonderland movie, not to mention chocolate and peanut butter! Who doesn’t?! The Cheshire cat, in particular, is very cool and I thought it would translate well to the cake medium.

The homemade Cheshire Cat cake was chocolate with a filling of chocolate and peanut butter mousses and sliced bananas. I don’t really follow recipes; I just do what feels right to me. For the peanut butter mousse I melted peanut butter and powdered sugar with a little milk and cooled it down so I could fold it in with whipped cream. It tasted great, but I see now that there should have been some gelatin involved in order for the mousse layers to hold up, especially on a hot day like the one I had.

Rice Krispie treats are always the “Go to” medium when it comes to 3 dimensional cakes. I used the marshmallow treats to form the cat’s ears. Yes, I realize the colors are not as they are in the movie, but I think that is part of the creative originality of each cake I do… I work with what I have. I got a lot of OOOh’s and AHHH’s and my friend’s son was happy.