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Coolest Chipmunk Stump Birthday Cake

Homemade Chipmunk Stump Birthday Cake

Homemade Chipmunk Stump Birthday Cake

Homemade Chipmunk Stump Birthday Cake
Homemade Chipmunk Stump Birthday Cake
Homemade Chipmunk Stump Birthday Cake

This Chipmunk Stump birthday cake all started around my niece just liking chipmunks. So I started looking on the internet for ideas and couldn't find just one I really liked so I came up with this.

I started by baking 5 8" round cakes. I took 2 of the cakes and stacked them on top of one another and put on a crumb coat layer with butter cream icing. I then took 2 more cakes and did the same. I always like to freeze mine overnight. So I fully wrapped them in cling wrap and put them in the freezer for overnight. I just set the extra cake in the refrigerator for the night.

The night before I also made the acorns and mushrooms for the cake. To make the acorns, I started by getting some peanut butter candy melts. I had a mold for lollipops so I melted the candy and filled the lollipop molds and then I set Hersey kisses on top and waited for them to dry.

To make the mushrooms I used white vanilla bark and pretzels. I used the same lollipop molds to make the small mushrooms by melting the white vanilla bark and sticking a small pretzel in it. To make the big mushrooms I used measuring cups and put just a little bit of melted vanilla bark in the bottom then stuck a big pretzel in the back.

The next day, I took the cakes out of the freezer. I put the first 2 cakes on my 14 X 14 cake board. I then added some dowels in the cake for support. I then stacked the other 2 cakes on top. After that I took the extra cake and cut off pieces to form the roots of the tree trunk.

Next I made dark brown butter cream icing and then light brown butter cream icing. I took the spatula and spread the light brown icing on one side to make the hole in the tree. I then took a round cookie cutter and pressed it on the cake to make the outline for a round tree hole.

Next I used a star tip and the dark brown icing and began going from top to bottom to make the tree bark. I then used the star tip and the light brown icing and went in a circular pattern to make the top of the tree stump.

Next I made some green butter cream icing and used the grass tip and put grass all around the tree. I am not good at making leaves so I used fake ivy leaves and flowers and wrapped it around the cake. I also purchased the chipmunk.

After that I added the acorns, mushrooms, and a few gummy worms. I also found some little editable bees and flowers and put them on the cake along with the name and happy birthday.

I find for most cakes it is all in the little details that really make a cake. My niece was really excited to have this for her 16th birthday!

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