I have recently joined a church and as the newly appointed church baker I have had the opportunity to make birthday cakes for several of our members. I usually use of my Wilson cake pans with directions. This time I needed an electric guitar design for our lead Bass guitarist in our Worship team. I looked up your way “COOL” site and found this awesome cake and directions on how to make it.

After reading the directions and printing your template I decided to change it up a bit. I taped the template together, found a pan large enough to accommodate it and baked 2 cake mixes in it. This allowed for a thicker cake and it was so much easier than gluing the cut cake pieces together. I then froze the cake for 48 hrs. until it was firm. Then I use push pins to hold the pattern in place and I easily carved the basic design. I then refroze the cake.

After an hour I started shaping the cake a bit more, then froze it again for another hour. I then outlined the entire cake and all the details making sure the frosting stood up straight on all the boarders. I refroze after each level of out line until it was deep enough to make a well for the glaze I filled in with. I then melted the glaze in the microwave and poured in each section and color refreezing after each.

I used marzipan that I dyed with gel food coloring to make all the details, except the strings which I made out of melted chocolate, then froze til firm and then added to the cake. It was a big hit!

Our Bass Guitarist loved it and would not cut into it so I guess it was lucky I made 24 cupcakes decorated with music notes. The guests didn’t mind they got to eat the cupcakes and as far as I know Richard is still trying to figure out how to varnish the cake so it last forever!