I was inspired by this website to create a Cinderella cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. It was my first cake ever! I made an 8″ round base for the skirt and doll to sit on and to add a bit of height. I was intimidated to use rolled fondant, but I actually had fun with it and preferred it over the buttercream.

I used fondant on the round base and Wilton’s buttercream recipe for the skirt. I used Wilton’s Classic skirt mold for the doll. I wrapped the bottom half of a Cinderella doll in saran wrap and cut a hole in the top – I would measure next time, because my hole was a bit too big and Cinderella had a bit of a lean to her.

I used a spreader to make the skirt marks in the buttercream. I wasn’t totally thrilled with the way the icing looked on the skirt, but everyone was thrilled when they saw it!