My daughter Ilona and a friend had a joint 5th birhtday party and Ilona wanted a Cinderella cake . After having spent a full week the previous year making a my little poney cake for her, I had promised myself never again! However I did had a quick look at the coolest- birthday cake website just in case! I have always found the site great for inspiration. I did find Cinderalla 19. I like the porcelaine doll and had a look on e-bay and found the exact same doll on sale with bidding about to expire . I put a low bid of £2.50 and decided that if I won I would do the cake. If not I will buy one ready made. I won and my daughter got her Cinderella. The cake is relativelly straight forward to make and decorate. The trickiest thing was handling a very large circle of icing as the doll is 40cm tall! The cake could easily feed 60+ kids! It is made of a pudding shape cake over two round cakes sandwiched together with butter cream and jam. I shape the pudding cake slightly at the front so that the dress did hang better. I covered the lot with butter cream. Then covered the cake with blue icing. The first layer was easy You can get away with a few mistakes. The second layer is the difficult part. I made a very large circle and draped it over the cake (over a few bit of rolled icing placed at the back to get the right shape) then cut a bit at the front. I then cut a hole in the centre of the cake . Wrap the doll bottom part (dress and all) in cling film and plonked it there , I finished the cake by painting iridescent blue cake powder all over and added a row of beading round the edge. I took 1/2 day plus baking so an improvement from last year. The girls and their friends were truly fascinated by it!