We’re building a house, so when my baby’s first birthday rolled around – we were all about construction! I started with a simple butter cake – 16″ large square base with 9″ and 6″ rounds stacked and supported with dowel rods (the top layer was removed and used for the ‘smash’ cake). The whole cake was iced in chocolate.

I ran Oreo cookies thru the food processor and spooned the crumbs over the icing to look like dirt. I’m not very good at handwriting with icing tubes, so for the lettering – I bought a cheap plastic alphabet chocolate mold, colored vanilla almond bark with powdered food coloring, and made hard candy letters that looked uniform and were easy to arrange. Just had to dust off some Oreo crumbs! LOL!

For the boulders – I made peanut butter balls (peanut butter, powdered sugar, Rice Krispies, and vanilla). I tried to make them a little abstract – not perfectly round – then dipped the balls in vanilla almond bark colored with just enough black powdered food coloring to look grey. Even drizzled a little more on top to make them look even ‘rougher’. I piled them down the back side of the cake using additional icing where needed to secure.

Bought some black and yellow M&Ms at a local candy shop and laid them alternating colors on the scalloped edge at the bottom of the cake – to look like caution tape. Found some fancy chocolate wafer candies that I cut up to look like logs.

I finished off this construction theme 1st birthday cake with a $5 set of mini construction vehicles and a couple of highway barrel miniatures and construction signs from a train set. It was so fun to create and meant the world to me to be able to make my babies first birthday cake!