This Cookie Monster Birthday Cake is such a simple cake. I recommend it for anyone who is trying cake decorating for the first time!

I used the Wilton Elmo Cake Pan. When the cake was cooled, I just cut off the nose (Cookie Monster doesn’t have a nose). I did the white eyes first, then did black licorice for the eyes and mouth (since it’s so hard to get white icing actually dyed black,I always end up with dark grey or purple).

Then I used a Wilton blue color to make the fur. The color was perfect. I used a knife to put on the icing and I didn’t worry about making it even or smooth looking. Then I used the back of a spoon and used it back and forth on the blue to create the “furry” look. Some places were higher, some were lower, which gave it more of a actual fur look.

Super easy and looks great!