This Curious George Birthday Cake is a basic two layer yellow cake made from store bought yellow cake mix and Sam’s Club Amaryllis Yellow Butter cream frosting. We like the frosting because it is dairy free for those with allergies and is reasonably priced at about $2 per pound. The tub that I bought was 12lbs. You can also purchase just a plain white butter cream icing however they only sell it in 5 gallon buckets and I would never use it before it went bad. The Amaryllis can still be tinted in various colors.

For the base color I tried to match it to the man with the yellow hat’s color using liquid yellow drops for the red just icing and red food coloring for the brown coco powder green paste and red paste. All were applied using a small star tip and writing point. This cake is one of three that we made for my son’s third birthday party or “Happy Party” as he calls them. I did have to use store bought tubes for the black border around George’s face mainly because I did not have any black tint and did not have a bunch of different colors of icing that I could mix together to try and make my own black icing. I read that some people have had success making the brown with Coco powder and then adding green and red paste, but since I opted to go for the store bought for the trim and also for the eyes I did not get to try it.

It took a good 4-5 hours total to bake mix the colors and pipe the frosting on with the various tips and a piping bag. I used a digital projector to shine a picture from the web onto the cake and then traced a rough outline into the yellow base icing and then adapted and filled in from there. Overall I think that it was a good project with a good result. I would suggest finding someone to watch your children unless you want “help”.