For my son’s 2nd birthday he wanted a Curious George CupCake Birthday Cake, so when I was thinking about how to design this cake, I came to the conclusion that George’s head is round like a cupcake!

I baked a bunch of cupcakes, put them together to form the general shape of a monkey’s head and started frosting. The result was excellent. No cake cutting, no plates to clean up, and LOTS AND LOTS of compliments for the visual aspect, the moistness of the cupcakes and the flavor.

I used both white and chocolate cake, for variety, making sure to use the chocolate ones on the outer edge (for aesthetics). In order to make sure the cupcakes are at their most moist I increase the oil and decrease the water so that the total liquid is the same. I only increased the oil by, the most, ¼ cup. Then I cooked them at a lower temperature (5-10 degrees) and after they cooled, I froze them prior to frosting. I do the same to my cakes as well.

I used a non-dairy whipped topping for the frosting, which stands up great in August weather in California, SERIOUS weather…after all, it was 115 the week I gave birth to him!! It doesn’t melt or fail, AND it’s pre-mixed…all I do is thaw and whip. What is my secret? Pastry Pride’s Whipped Topping, NOT the Frosting! The Frosting is waxy, but the Topping is softer and fluffier and works great! For this cake I used their Chocolate mixture….EXCELLENT flavor! You still must be careful not to over whip, but when using to decorate you must be sure to whip enough or it will not hold a peak. No, to decorate the cake, I used the star tip for the dark fur, and used an off-set spatula for the face and the eyes. I used a paint brush with flat bristles and black food coloring for the mouth and nose, much easier than making a batch of black frosting!