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Coolest Demolition Derby Birthday Cake 117

by Katie L.
(Easton, PA USA)

My son absolutely loves Demolition Derbies. His uncle races in them so of course this is is the cake he wanted. It is a super easy cake to make especially if you are new to cake making. The other parents at his party thought that I ordered this from the local cake boutique. I loved making it because my son could help out with it.

I started with a simple sheet cake. I frosted the entire thing in brown mud colored frosting. Next I used a grass tip and made "grass" all along the bottom edge and the top leaving space for the actual track. I did it very randomly to prevent a patterned look to the grass.

My son had a blast smashing up the cheap matchbox cars. I had him smash them with a hammer after I double bagged the cars in Ziploc freezer bags. This also helps to contain the pieces. I pulled out all the little pieces and threw them away. Make sure you wash the cars after they are smashed really well as they will be on top the cake. I randomly laid them out to make it look like they were crashing into each other. I used black gel icing to make the edge around the track and I used it for "oil" spills. Make sure you put some brown frosting on the cars as well and a little black gel.

We made some stadium seats using washed Lego's and used a few of his Lego men and accessories to add some affect. I made an "Alex's 8th Annual Demolition Derby" sign on the computer. I did 8th as it was his 8th birthday. I just made a Lego sign holder and taped on the sign. I found some checker flag toothpicks at the cake store and put those around the edges.

I found spiral candles and placed them from the tails on the car so when we lit them it looked like the cars were on fire.

This Demolition Derby birthday cake was a very easy cake to make.

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by: Christina

I have been digging for derby party things and cake ideas, I came across this one and it made my day! Anthing "derby birthday party" is impossible to find. This is one awesome cake you made. I love it and thank you so much for sharing it. Im going to try and make it and hopefully it turns out good!

demo cake
by: Marsha Doyle

This is an awesome cake!!! My family is big into demolition derby' husband, brother in-law, cousins & friends :0). I thought of another idea fir the could take some tires off some of the cars & put them randomly on the track to make it look like they fell off. Maybe some numbers & other pieces that you can see on the cake so you can see them to take them off the make before you cut it. GREAT JOB.....very creative :0)

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