my son is turning 4 this summer and is really into dinosaurs. I was trying to figure out a theme for his party and SUPRISE, he said dinosaurs mom, so dinosaurs it is. I have never really decorated a cake before other than putting a can of icing on it and I decided that since I was making the decorations I would try to make the Dinosaur Birthday Cake too (I thought I must be in my genes because my mom used to decorate cakes all the time).

I found this website and decided I was going to do a small practice cake and this is what I came up with. My inspiration for the design was from a piece of scrapbook paper with dinosaurs that we were making the decorations from. I used a boxed triple chocolate fudge cake and used the Betty Crocker bake and fill pan (the small pan for the filling is the part that I used). I also made 2 cupcakes and a small round cake, I think 6 inches.

The small dome was the body and I cut the round cake in half for the face. Cupcakes were the feet and the parts that I trimmed for the face made the tail. I used canned icing to hold it together but I didn’t need much. I made marshmallow fondant that other people from this site said was easy to make. I looked it up on youtube and it was easy. The hardest part was coloring it, but not bad. The horns and tail spikes were also made from the fondant and I used Mr.Potato head eyes.

My son loved it! And it tastes great too! Too bad it was only the practice cake. I used the canned icing in a Ziploc bag with the corner cut to pipe around the bottom of the cake. I was going to have the dino in a mud puddle but decided not to. I haven’t decided if I am going to make a bigger version for his party (since this one wasn’t even a whole cake) or if maybe I will try to make 2 or 3 small dinos the size of this one to match the decorations.

All I know is that it was fun. It didn’t take very long. It turned out great and my son LOVED it! So I hope this helped. Good luck! It was also my first time making and using fondant as well. I really suprised myself!