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Coolest Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea 111

by Patti S.
(Collegeville, PA USA)

Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea

This Dinosaur Birthday Cake Idea is very exciting for me, because it's my first "cake for hire" for someone else! They saw a picture of a cake on this site and asked if I could do it. I was nervous but gave it a shot and it turned out great!

This cake, believe it or not was made from 1 box - two 9-inch rounds (shhhh, don't tell my client it was a box cake!). The one round I cut in half, put a layer of icing to hold them together, then stood them on end to make the Dino's back. The other cake I cut into 4 parts - one long crescent for the tail, one half crescent for the neck, the bottom layer of the head, then the remaining smaller piece for the top layer of the head. ends that I shaved off from the head to round it a bit, I ended up using for the 2 legs (I didn't have enough left to give him 2 legs on the other side).

Three days before the party i baked the cakes and froze them. That same night I dyed some Wilton fondant purple and rolled it and cut out the spikes, toenails, nostrils and eye pupils. I rolled 2 plain fondant balls for eyeballs, then colored a small piece pink and shaped the tongue. Left those out for 2 days to get them hard (though still they were edible, my kids had some leftover and loved it - most adults aren't a fan of fondant though).

Two days before the party I cut the cakes to shape and did the crumb layer of icing. I find cake is much easier to ice if it's frozen. Then I refrigerated it as I wouldn't be able to finish until the next night. I used a homemade buttercream icing for the crumb and top layers, that I colored green.

The night before the party I finished. I used a star tip and went to work. Then I placed the fondant pieces and just did a little more icing around the eyes.

All in all I think this only took me 4 hours. The 5 year old birthday boy loved it, and the client said the cake and icing were perfectly delicious!

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dino cake
by: Stella

do you mind sharing your templet for your cake this looks perfect for one of my grandsons 1sts birthdays and i have the great honor of doing the cake so if you don't mind sharing could you send it to me at i would be forever grateful. and may the Lord bless you and all of yours thank you again Stella granny of 9 little ones

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