I was so proud of this Disney Princess Castle Birthday Cake. I am not in any way artistic and only decided to try to make one to save money and knew my daughter wouldnt mind what it looked like. This is the first time i have ever done anything like this. I saw a few designs on here but there was no info on how they made the cake etc so I thought it would be nice to do a write up and help anyone who foud themselves in this situation.


Firstly I’m not going to tell you I made the sponge from scratch because I didn’t, I used 3 Betty Crocker devils cake mix, the base is a 10″ square tin which I made 2 of and then the top is 7″ and again 2 of those. I left to cool and then layered jam between each cake, one of the square cake split staight down the middle but I pushed it back together and added extra jam haha.

I then made buttercream and added pink food colouring and set this in the fridge. I also placed the cake in the fridge and left it overnight (I tried to put a small amount of buttercream on before but it started to melt). The buttercream being cold made it so much easier to get a smoother effect, however it wasnt perfect but still looked great.

For the towers and turrets I used ice cream cones and then the pointy ice cream cone for turrets. I melted some white chocolate and rolled all of the cones in it and left them to cool. I then got some edible glue, turned one of the cones upside down and glued the other on top of it (so they are bottom to bottom) i then filled the top cone with sweets, to give weight and make sturdy. I then decorated with edible flowers that I got from ebay and local party shop.

For the turrets I used edible glue and then rolled them in a cherry sherbet and added edible glitter to give a sparkle. I sealed the top with some buttercream .Around the top of the cake I used small pink marshmellows to give castle effect. I cut into the corners of the sqaure cake to allow space for the towers and then slotted the towers on the upper tier behind them. For the door i used orange flavour matchsticks and decorated the castle with edible flowers and the disney princess cake toppers i borrowed from a friend.

For the garden in front of the cake I just got a cake board rolled some ready made green icing, used the left over cherry sherbet from the turrets to make the path and just placed more edible flowers. I orderd the horse and carriage from ebay and filled the carriage with sweets. I really enjoyed making this cake, no one believed that I made it and I have already had requests to make them for friends and family.

Have fun with it and if it goes wrong whats the worst that can happen? Good luck.