This homemade Diva show cake was made for a little girl with a serious shoe fetish. It is an 8″ round chocolate fudge with raspberry/chocolate ganache filling. The icing is a simple butter cream with fondant accents. The shoe was made from fondant and was completely edible except for the sequence used on the top of the shoe.

I used a frosting smoothing technique to make the frosting look more like a fondant finish by taking a DIVA paper towel and laying over the butter cream once it had time to crust a little and using the warmth of my hand to “iron” out any lumps and bumps. If you don’t like fondant, this is the way to go.

I cut various size and shapes of the black fondant to create an interesting and realistic looking zebra pattern and adhered the stripes by adding a touch of water to the backside to help it stick to the chilled butter cream frosting. I recommend laying the larger stripes first and then filling in with the smaller ones. This will help to keep things balanced.

I used vodka to paint onto the fondant to give it that shiny look. I used a 6″ pant and pressed a slight impression centered on the top of the cake to give me a good line for the center.

I downloaded the shoe template off the internet and modified it a bit to make it a peep toe. It was very simple, but I used fondant (I think it would have set up better had I used gum paste… note to self!). The sole liner was a marble looking white and pink. I used my tools to poke holes around the edge of it to simulate stitching and a small daisy cutter to give a slight impression at the top. Turned out great.

The sign you see is a simple black tent card the size of a business card with white cardstock inked on the edge for more effect. I used a “Happy Birthday” stamp from Close 2 My Heart.