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Coolest Doll Wedding Cake

Coolest Doll Wedding Cake

Coolest Doll Wedding Cake

I prepared a boxed cake according to directions using the Pampered Chef classic 2 quart batter bowl but I burned the first one. I made a second one and lowered the temperature but increased the time cooked to 45 minutes.

LET IT COOL COMPLETELY. I got the idea from a friend of mine who sells Pampered Chef. I bought a Wilton ribbon cake plate and fondant. However I used regular store bought icing for in between the layers of cake and fondant. To feed 60 people I made extra round layer cakes for underneath Barbie. It actually gave the illusion of a southern-bell type bridal gown.

I made the dress and headpiece for Barbie from material from a craft store and put it all together the night before my sister's bridal shower.

Everyone raved about our cake. They thought a bakery made this cake. It is simple once you do it the first time. Have fun with your wedding and bridal shower cakes!

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