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Coolest Dora the Explorer Cake 72

by Rosa
(Homestead, FL)

Dora the Explorer Cake

Dora the Explorer Cake

I made this Dora the Explorer cake for my cousin's daughter.Inspiration for this cake came from the Tinkerbell cakes, which I found on this site.

I used the Wilton wonder mold for Dora's dress. Cake was vanilla flavor. The bottom half of Dora was wrapped in saran wrap. I tinted pink and purple buttercream icing and used tip #104.

The bottom cake was decorated with a star tip (took me some time to cover the whole thing). The flowers are made of white chocolate (used the Dancing Daisy Flower Lollipop Mold). Made the flowers 2 days in advance (the flowers set pretty fast if placed in the freezer for a couple minutes, so they can even be made the same day). Cake was made of a bottom layer of vanilla and a top layer of strawberry and a strawberry filling.

I baked the cakes in advance. I had to freeze them (party was changed to a different date). So for anyone who has not frozen cakes, just make sure you wrap them (undecorated) with saran wrap and place in the freezer. To defrost just set them at room temperature for at least 4-5 hours. Cakes still looked and tasted fresh.

The kids loved the cake!!

Dora the Explorer Cake

Dora the Explorer Cake

Comments for Coolest Dora the Explorer Cake 72

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by: Sabrina

I have never seen something like that before.

by: Anonymous

looks very professional...... beautiful!!!

by: maria


Dora Question
by: Anonymous

which doll did use?!
most Dora dolls are so big to put on the Wilton wonder mold.

dora CAKE 72
by: rhonda


by: brianna

That cake looks good how did you make it

omg how beautiful....
by: samantha

I'm doing a Dora theme for my daughter's first birthday in September and I totally fell in love with this cake! Was wondering if you would be willing to make one for me and I would pay you for it of course since you live in Homestead like myself? thanks and please let me know.

by: Rosa

I found the doll at Walmart. It was a scented, rag-doll type Dora. There were only 2 left when I went so I guess got lucky :)

I apologize for the comment of the person who considered me to make the cake :( I didn't think anyone would comment so never checked the comments (didn't get any notifications).

by: Anonymous

I was wondering if you could email me the detail on how you did this. My daughter is turning 4 Sept 2 and this would be great. She is a huge Dora fan. Email is

by: Mia

What size cake pans did you use for the bottom layers. Did you have to use any other reinforcement besides the cake separator? I am going to try this cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday. If it looks like your's I am sure it will be a hit!

I am planning a Dora party in the next week!!!

Hello! I am hoping to hear a response back I am having a party on Nov. 14 for my niece's 2nd birthday party.

I would really appreciate it! I fell in love with this cake when I ran across it!!! I was searching for something EYE CATCHING not plain! Thank you!

love itt
by: Tupac

I love this cake. I think it's beautiful. I was hoping you could give me the recipe

by: Bianca

I love this cake how did you get this marvelous idea.

by: Anonymous

How did you make sure the Dora doll was sturdy enough and not going to tip over?

by: Anonymous

I'm taking your advise and doing this cake for my 3yr old's birthday party. Thanks

by: Deana

I am in love with this cake. I hope you could email me your recipe so I can make this for my daughter's 2nd birthday.
Thank you

Cake Specs
by: Jamie

Can you give more specifics on the cake?
How did you place the Dora inside the cake?
Did you wrap her? else?
How did she stay supported inside the cake?
Did you use the Wilton Wondermold?
How did you serve the cake?
Was it a big mess once you started to cut?

I'd love to hear back! Thanks so much! and GREAT JOB on the cake! It's just wonderful!

by: Anonymous


Need a cake
by: Saamy

Can you do this cake for me? And I am ready to pay. Pls contact me at 07825610373

I love it!
by: Maria

It's beautiful, I love it, my four year old granddaughter will be speechless.

Dora Cake
by: Anonymous

Where did you find the Dora for the cake? Super cute and I would love to get this made for my daughter's 2nd Birthday


dora cake
by: linda from chandler

on my gosh i really wish that u can bake that cake for my daughter she will be 2 yrs old and she loves Dora

by: bhonz

i like it, this gave me an idea for my daughters 7th birthday.she like Dora very much.

Awsome Cake
by: Anonymous

Amesome cake!!! I am going to make this cake for my 5 year old. I made this cake once but it was with a barbie instead of a Dora doll. She will still love it!

Dora Cake
by: Anonymous

this is the best idea that I have seen for a Dora cake so far. Great JOB on it!! My daughter will be turning 5 this Sunday and I have been looking for ideas to incorporate on a Dora cake. Not only does my daughter love Dora, she looks like her.

greatt cake!!!!
by: Anonymous

this cake looks great i love it...its the best Dora cake i have seen yet....where did you get the doll???

by: Anonymous

I love this cake. I am going to make this cake for my daughter that will be two in march.. She'll get a awesome cake plus a new Dora doll to add to her collection.. Great Idea with Dora..

Fab Cake
by: che

love this one, hope u can make one for me. Contact me at 09162673615, for my daughters 3rd bday. she really loves Dora....

by: Anonymous

this is the best cake i have ever seen i am looking for someone to make my daughters cake how much is this cake?

by: the baddestbitch :)

this cake is beautiful i want to make it for my daughters 1st birthday HOES :)

Birthday cake - love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Remona

How much will you do charge me to bake one for my daughter please ?

Remona 021 9827364

this is amazing
by: sunsea albers (facebook me)

how much do you charge? i will pay you to make this for my daughters 5th b-day

by: Anonymous

This is the most creative,adorable cake I have ever seen! My daughter is turning 3 this month and she is a true Dora fan. If you can email me the recipee it will be a delight.


A-Dora-ble Cake
by: Marybeth

Reminds me of the Barbie Doll 1st birthday cake my niece had 38 years ago! I love this style...Nice job!

soo creative , reaaly nice cake

Hi all,
I wanted to make this cake for my daughter 2nd bday. Can any one please email me recipe I really love this cake, so creative and good work :)

by: Anonymous

I like that cake! I wish my cake will be like that. My birthday is on May 27,2001.If someone can make that cake for me,I will be thankful to that someone who can make that cake for me.I LOVE DORA SO MUCH!

love dora
by: Anonymous

omg i love that cake is like the perfect cake i wish i could have that cake for my birthday

hell me find the doll
by: mallely

i was wondering were you get the doll im looking every where and nothing please answer

dora 72
by: Anonymous

my name is ronisha and i really need you make my lil girl this cake can you pleas call me at 502 778 8209 please her 3rd birthday is oct 21st 2011 and i need soon thank you so much

Dora Doll
by: Anonymous

Where did you find that adorable Dora doll?

by: IRAM

omg that is amazing i made something like this ... x ;D

cake to order
by: Anonymous

please can you email me to let me know how much you would charge to make that cake for my daughter's birthday in March.(


by: Anonymous

i just wanna know how much that cake is !!!

Beautiful cake!!
by: Jessica

My daughter birthday is in June and the theme party is Dora! I will defenetly make this cake. Thanks for sharing :)

Interested in ordering the Dora Cake
by: Anonymous

Your Dora cake is beautiful. Please let me know if it can be ordered for a party event.

thank you,

Dora Doll Cake
by: Jennifer Longo

Love your cake! Can you please tell me where you got the doll that tops it? Also, how did you transport the cake without it getting ruined?


way cool
by: ms. jessica

hello, my daughter is turning 3 October 30 2012. i have no idea when this was posted but she loves Dora and were going to have her a Dora themed b-day for my special girl. How much would you charge me to make my daughter this cake. please give me a call at 317-640-6542. thanks

Popular cake
by: Shristi

Hi! I did a Dora dolly cake last week. My client actually sent me the links to your page and asked me to make a "Dora doll cake just like this one!" I also had such a hard time finding a doll for my cake. I'm in Australia and while Dora is popular, the doll range we have here is not that extensive. I had to settle with a doll wearing a green skiv and try to incorporate her into a pink and purple dress. :S Not the easiest of tasks! But she loved your design of Dora on a stand on a garden so i gave her my version. Her daughter loved it. Phew! Thanks for posting this pick. It inspires us to be creative!

Dora cake
by: Anonymous

Please contact me as I am interested in you making this cake for my daughter.


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