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Coolest Dots And Flowers Birthday Cake 5

by Arlene W.
(Kearney, MO)

Homemade Dots And Flowers Birthday Cake

Homemade Dots And Flowers Birthday Cake

I made this Dots and Flowers Birthday Cake for my granddaughter's second birthday, and it is the 5th cake I have tried my hand at decorating. I used all Betty Crocker brand cake mixes, homemade high humidity buttercream icing from the Wilton website, and homemade marshmallow fondant from a recipe I found on the internet (just 2 tablespoons water, 16 ounce bag of marshmallows, and 2 pounds of powdered sugar).

The bottom tier is two 10 inch layers of chocolate fudge (3 mixes), the middle tier is three 8 inch layers of yellow cake (2 mixes), and the top tier is two 6 inch layers of rainbow chip (1 mix). All layers were filled and iced with the buttercream and then covered in the marshmallow fondant, which was tinted with Wilton gel colorings.

Dowel rods were used to support the upper tiers, then a long dowel rod is placed in the center of the completed cake to make sure it stays in place. The coordinating cookies were also made from a Wilton recipe for Vanilla Sugar Cookies and then covered in fondant and individually wrapped.

I made 5 recipes of the fondant, and didn't have all that much left, and also made several recipes of the buttercream icing. I worked for two solid days baking the cakes and putting it and the cookies all together, and I had already pre-made the icing, fondant, and cookies days before, so make sure you have plenty of time if attempting something this ambitious! Most of all have fun with it!

My design was not set in stone and changed as the cake went together, mainly because the fondant on the middle tier went on with lots of wrinkles and the design covered them up!




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Fantastic Cake!
by: Casey

Absolutely gorgeous cake! The colours work so well together. And adding an extra special touch with the cookies. You deserve a medal for this one!!

by: Anonymous

This cake is wonderful!
I'm trying to figure out my b-day cake and I want something like this!!

by: missy

how much is this cake and who made it??!?!?!very clever!

by: Anonymous

This cake is beyond wonderful. I cant imagine the hours that you spent to do all this. The results are breath taking.
I agree you do deserve a medal for this!!!

by: Anonymous

I was wondering what you use to make the decorations stick to the sides?

by: lynne

You made a fantastic cake for your family to enjoy. Well done, you must be proud.

by: Anonymous

Beautiful job with your cake. My niece wants me to make this for her birthday. Did you use 2 inch deep or 3 inch deep pans.

by: Anonymous

What a sensational cake - I just love it! You've done an amazing job.
Well done!

by: Kyr

I absolutely love this cake! I would love to do a variation for my daughter's birthday. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity! I also love the idea of doing wrapped cookies! What a cute alternative to a gift bag.

by: Molly

Such beautiful, clean work! It's so nicely made, and the design looks great! I especially love the petals on the dark background. Great colors. Just love it!!!

by: Theresa

The cake looks awesome.I am thinking of trying something similar.Wish me luck.

by: Lovely bakes

It looks lovely my daughters birthday is in 10 days can you maybe make me one for her. It would be great if you could she saw it and said she just had to have it

by: Mrs. Jobe

Absolutely amazing! Id be all smiles if I were Madison. You did a great job, and really should consider that as a profession if you already haven't.

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