This Dragon Birthday Cake was for my little brother’s 7th birthday. He loved it! And my mom didn’t believe at first that I actually made it!

I first baked 2 10 inch round white cakes. The “belly” of the dinosaur is one of the cakes cut in half, and the two halves fitted together with icing between them. The second cake is used for the rest of the dinosaur’s body. Cut a crescent shape (about 1/3 of the round cake) for the tail, and a smaller crescent shape for the neck. You may have to trim off the edges of the crescents to make them fit onto the body as you would like. The remainder of the second cake (should be about 1/2 of the cake, in sort of an oval shape now) is cut in half again, fitted together as you did the belly, and then carved to the desired shape of a dinosaur head. I wanted more of a flat face, but you can make it look like anything you want.

I used homemade buttercream icing for the entire thing. I first iced the entire cake, then piped stars all over the body for the “spikey” sort of dragon like look. The feet are just spread buttercream icing, and mini chocolate chips are used for the claws and nostrils. I used green M&Ms for the eyes, and covered a pecan in pink icing for the tongue. I had some purple foil stars that I had bought at Hobby Lobby laying around the house, and decided to cut them into small triangles to stick in the cake to get more of a dragon look.

This was honestly one of the easiest cakes I’ve done! There was so much room for error in this! You can make it look like whatever you want!