I made this Dragon Birthday Cake Design for my son’s How To Train Your Dragon themed 4th birthday. I used (2) 8” round cakes and (1) small cake made in a loaf pan. I cooled the cakes in the freezer for about an hour to make it easier to assemble and carve. The body was made from one round cake, cut in half. I carved the tail and legs from the other round cake. I cut the small cake from the loaf pan in half, to make a two layer rectangular head.

After the pieces were assembled, I used a serrated knife to carved around the edges to give the dragon a more rounded shape. I crumb-coated the cake with butter cream frosting. I used fondant tinted with food coloring to cover the cake. First with a green fondant over the entire body. I pushed the fondant with my thumb for the eye sockets & nostrils. Then, I made blue scales with fondant to cover most of the back. I used blue green fondant cut up into triangles for the spikes down the dragon’s spine. I put the triangles in the fridge to firm them up and then used toothpicks to secure them. I used colored fondant for the talons, eyeballs, and ears.

I used red strips of fondant wrapped around straws for the fire. I removed the straws before serving. The wings were made from several small balls of green, blue, red, and yellow fondant mixed together slightly to form the marble color. I cut out the wing shape from a hand drawn pattern and chilled in the fridge until just before the party. I piped the grass with green buttercream frosting.

As a final touch, I dusted everything with silver luster dust for a shimmery dragon glow. I put spiral birthday candles in the dragon’s fire for the birthday boy to blow out.