This Dragon Cake was made for my boyfriend’s 18th birthday, we have a bit of a dragon theme going on.

The cake is made from a 9″ very moist chocolate cake from the recipe in Susannah Blakes 500 cakes for a dark chocolate mocha mudcake. However, I fiddled with the ingredients so it was milk chocolate, no coffee, and more cocoa powder to replace the coffee I omitted. This was then cut in half down the middle and sandwiched together with Nuttella to make the body. I then covered this in chocolate ganache (recipe in the same book) and sprayed it blue with edible spray I bought from eBay.

The head is made from a Victoria sandwich cake. I took one of the cakes and cut it so it was like a square with one end left rounded for where I would place the nostrils.

I then cut cupcakes to shapes that would resemble nostrils and eyes and stuck them to the Victoria sponge with Nutella. This was all covered in chocolate ganache and sprayed blue. I then decorated with silver balls to define nostrils and eyebrows, edible glitter and chocolate wafer curls. The eyes are just white icing piped on.

I used the offcuts from the head to make the front legs by just coating them in butter icing with blue food colouring. The hind legs and tail were made in a similar way by using the other cake from the Victoria and slicing it in half with one half slightly bigger than the other. One of these halves was then cut into quarters and coated for the hind legs and a section was cut out of the middle of the other half to make it more tail like. Then covered in butter icing and sprinkled with a little edible glitter.

The pieces were then arranged as shown on the board and I used Tesco’s equivalent to Terry’s chocolate orange for the claws. Candles were then placed down the back for spikes (a few more added later to make it up to eighteen) and indoor sparklers put in the nose.

I forgot to do wings so currently this is a flightless dragon but I’m sure one could fashion something.