This dragon cake is my first attempt at such a cake and my first cake using a spray gun. I used one square cake which I cut in two then put them side by side to create an oblong. I then drew a dragon template on grease proof paper and cut around it. With the left over cake I used a round cutter to cut out cake for the cauldron.

Next I prepared a board by covering with icing spraying lower half brown and then upper half blue for the sky. I then covered the cake in butter cream and then covered it with white fondant. I sprayed it green and left it to dry.

The spikes I cut free hand in triangle shape using lilac colored fondant which I colored myself. You can use egg white, edible glue or water to wet the edges of the triangles then dip into sparkles. On the back of the dragon I cut out two different sized circles dipping some in sparkles and leaving some plain then randomly dotted them over the cake.

For the nostrils I rolled two small sausage shaped pieces of green fondant tapering them at the ends and joined together to form a nostril shape.

The wings I also made freehand then popped cocktail sticks into them for support. Next time I would also use cocktail stick for the spikes on the dragons back rather than just sticking them on with edible glue and supporting them while they dried.

The cauldron I covered in white fondant then sprayed it black, you could just use ready colored fondant if you do not have a spray gun. I then put circle of green in the middle then surrounded with a roll of black fondant to make it look like a pot. The flames I cut also free hand into flame shapes in yellow then brushed them with orange to give slight glow look to them.

The rocks I made by marbling gray fondant with some added black and made random shapes with it which I think turned out quite effective. I then cut blue stars which were all hand dipped in blue sparkles to make them look like twinkling stars.

I have had many very pleasing comments about my dragon cake and was very please with the outcome saying I had never used a spray gun before. My advise, just go for it, it is amazing what you can do.