This Dump Truck Birthday Cake was made for a friend’s three year old son’s third birthday party. I got the idea from a Wilton Cake Decorating book.

Before I started on the cake, I made the base/board. I took a regular cake board and glued onto the bottom, two pieces of Styrofoam to support the cake, and lift it up for the wheels.

The wheels, tail lights, windows, and “Company Logo” were created ahead of time from fondant.

I prepared two boxes of cake mix as directed and split the batter in four separate six inch square cake pans.

I stacked two of the cakes, separating the two layers with a thin layer of butter cream icing. I then applied a thin layer of butter cream before covering the cake with ready to use fondant tinted yellow.

I then cut one of the other six inch cakes in half along a diagonal and stacked it on top of the fourth cake. I applied a thin layer of butter cream icing and covered it in Blue ready to use fondant.

I tinted some fondant gray and used the gray and some of the yellow fondant to put the details on the back of the truck. I put all the details, including the wheels, windows, tail lights, license plate and “Company logo” on the truck. I then used yellow fondant to make a lip on the back of the truck and filled the back with plain M&M’s.