My son Zach LOVES trucks, so we decided on a BIG truck construction party theme for his 3rd birthday party. I wanted to make a dump truck birthday cake for him and looked on this website for inspiration. I got some great ideas to add to the ones I had in my head. Turning them into reality was another thing.

I baked two square chocolate cakes and cut them flat and put chocolate butter cream icing between them. Then I made two loaf chocolate cakes and did the same thing. I then covered all of it in chocolate butter cream, after digging a hole in the middle of the top square cake, to be the dump part of the truck.

I rolled out the red fondant icing I bought to cover the cake, but used too much oil when rolling (better to use oil than icing sugar with colored fondant) and rolled it too thin so it ripped a bit and didn’t sit smoothly. I also didn’t have enough red, but had some white, so used that for the back tray part of the truck, as well as the back. Even though it looks a bit rough in some places, it turned out okay.

I used the white fondant for the windows and the number plate. I used an edible marker to write Zach’s name and his age on the number plate. I used licorice to trim and for the front grill and windscreen wipers. Smarties were used for the head and tail lights and Tic Tac’s for the reverse lights. I found round orange sweets to use as indicators. The wheels are Mint Slice biscuits, and the back is filled with Pineapple Lumps and crushed Maltesers.

I would have preferred the tray to be tipped, but I found it enough of a challenge to do what I did! Overall I am happy with the cake and everyone loved it and was so impressed – especially Zach!