I got the inspiration from looking at the Easy Hello Kitty Cakes on this site.

Baked a 6″ Victoria sponge and filled in raspberry jam and butter cream (1 part unsalted butter, 2 parts icing sugar and a bit of milk at the end).

I bought the ready roll white icing and added a little red colouring paste (not the liquid, paste – I tried with liquid on the previous year’s ladybird and it was a nightmare).

When the white turned the pink that I was happy with, I rolled it out to a size that would cover the cake.

Pushed some apricot jam through a sieve and warmed on the hob.

Brushed the cake a bit and then covered the cake with the pink icing. (Not sure if you really need to brush the cake itself with the warmed apricot jam, but I did anyway because it was there).

With some of the white ready roll icing (make sure your hands are clean), roll out another bit.

Get some paper and trace out the Hello Kitty face, or draw one. Put the piece of paper over the white rolled icing and using a toothpick or skewer, trace the outline of the face onto the icing. With a sharp knife cut out the face shape.

Use the apricot jam to stick onto the cake. Get some jelly beans and cut them in half length ways and stick on the eyes and nose – before you stick on the cake/face, make sure you are happy with it by placing it on the paper, same with the bow/flower.

Make a little bit of black icing with paste. Roll out and make 6 bits for the whiskers and stick on with the jam.

Done! We had some white left over so I rolled out a long white bit and fashioned it into a 2. It took under 1 hour for the cake decoration part.