I made this Electric Guitar Cake for my older brother’s 19th birthday. He has a red electric guitar so I thought it would be cool to make a cake that looked that. My mom’s done cake decorating classes and has always made our cakes. I’ve watched her do it before and decided to try to do this one.

First, I mixed up two cake mixes and used a 9×13 and a 9×9 pan to bake them. Make sure that you make these level! Don’t pour one cake mix into each pan because the 9×9 will come out a lot higher and you need then to be pretty even. I used a big container lid covered in aluminum foil as a cake board but any big flat surface would work. I used the 9×13 to cut out the guitar base.

The 9×9 was used to make the neck and headstock. I printed a picture off the internet and it really helped. Then, the big leftover pieces were used to carve the pick and the music notes.

For decorating, it’s all buttercream icing tinted with different colored food coloring. I covered everything in white icing first. Then, I iced the base, neck, and pick light red and the headstock (top of the neck) tan. Just a tip for red and black icing: the darker you go, the worse the icing tastes. Black worked okay because it was just accents but I wouldn’t try a whole guitar that way. And red probably shouldn’t be super red. (My mom’s done this for a few years and this is her advice.)

I used a basic round Wilton tip to pipe all the little accents with black, gray, and white icing. Again, the picture really helped with this. For the pick, I put “Keith” and the year he was born. Then, I wrote “Happy 19th Birthday!” and it was done.