We did a princess theme for my daughter Kate’s 4th birthday party. I found a recipe for an enchanted castle cake in one of Debbie Brown’s recipe books. I baked 3 cakes; 1 round 20cm, 1 round 15cm and a square 18cm. I trimmed the crust of the cakes and sliced the tops flat. I put the smaller round cake on top of the larger one. I cut a 6cm square from the corner of the square cake and cut an 11cm circle from the remained of the square cake. I trimmed the 11cm cake, cutting down and outwards towards the base.

I placed it on top of the other 2 round cakes and positioned the trimming around the base of the bottom cake. Using buttercream icing I sandwiched the 3 round cakes and the trimmings together and spread a layer over them all to form the hill. I coloured 1.1kg fondant icing pale grey and rolled 185g of it into a long tapering sausage which I wound down the front of the hill and shaped to form the road. I rolled 875g of the grey fondant flat and draped it over the hill smoothing out any creases and using the end of a paintbrush pushed into the sides creating vertical lines for a rock effect.

I covered the small square cake with buttercream and stuck it on top of the hill to make the castle. I cut a square roof and 4 sides from rolled dusky pink fondant and stuck them on to the castle cake. I pressed along the top of the walls with the back of a knife and cut out a doorway in the front wall. Then I fashioned dusky pink turrets for the corners of the castle and the roof and one for the pathway, and dark dusky pink turret roofs which I twisted up into a long tapering points. Using the tip of a knife I marked windows on the castle walls and turrets. I broke green fondant into different size pieces, stuck them strategically on the hill and created texture using a star piping tip.

With the remaining dusky pink fondants I made small flowers using a blossom plunger. I cut a door out of brown fondant, marked grain in the wood and slotted it into the doorway. I made door handles and stuck them on the door. I cut 3 holes in the hill to make caves and filled the holes with black fondant. Using pale grey fondant I fashioned stairways to the caves, made pebbles and scattered them around the hill and placed flat pebbles along the road.

Next I stuck the flowers randomly all over the hill and around the base of the castle. Then I brushed the grass with yellow dusting powder and the hillsides with green and sprinkled silver sparkle powder all over the cake especially on the turret roofs. Lastly I made round balls to hold the candles, stuck them onto the cake board, wrote Kate’s name in pink royal icing and stuck green ribbon around the cake board.

The Enchanted Castle Birthday Cake was a huge hit with everyone especially the birthday girl!