This Fairy Castle Birthday Cake is by far the best I have ever created, and was SO much fun too!!

I started with baking 4 square cakes and 1 loaf cake (ensure this loaf cake is cooked well, I made the mistake of not doing so, and in the pictures you can see what happened, we had several leaning towers).

To begin with, I layered 3 of the square cakes upon each other, with frosting in between for stability. Then I cut the 4th square cake into quarters. Three of the quarters were then placed on top of the bigger pieces, again held together with frosting. The 4th quarter was cut into quarters again, and 3 of these were placed on top as the 3rd tier, again held with frosting.

The loaf cake was cut into 4 length ways, so you have 4 long squarish’ towers. I then cut a little out of the corners of the main cake so the towers would have more support. Then using frosting again I put the towers into place in each corner.

Once assembled I did a ‘crumbing’ layer of icing, to hold the cake together some more, and allow a smoother finish with the final icing. Once set, I began the fun part, the decorating. For weeks I had been collecting different lollies and things to use. I started with strawberry wafers cut into shape for the windows and doors. Then bullets cut in half all the way around each layer as turrets. Musk sticks were placed to help highlight the layers.

I placed candy hearts, freckles and caramel buds on the sides. Then I put the Tinkerbell fairies I had bought at the shop around the cake. White icing was spread around the bottom of the cake, then blue/green sprinkles were added to look like a moat. Chocolate wafers were then placed at the front door as a bridge, with Tinkerbell taking pride of place at the front door.

Ice cream cones were iced with white frosting, then rolled in a mixture of pink dusting sugar, strawberry jelly crystals and pink fairy sprinkles and placed on each tower and on the top tier. In the top of these were flags made from toothpicks with gold paper glued to them, and my daughter’s age, and her name on the middle cone. A big gold 6 I bought had a really long stick on it, so I placed it right in the middle and it helped hold the cake all together.

All in all, the cake was a success. My daughter absolutely loved it, and helped me along the way, so she was able to tell her friends that her and Mummy had made this beautiful cake. I had the time of my life, now I just have to find more cakes to do for the other kids.