My daughter Hannah was turning 2 and I decided to do a fairy princess themed party for her. I couldn’t find a recipe for a fairy princess cake that was 100% perfect, so I made up my own design.

I hired a dolly Varden cake tin and bought a block of ready-made fondant icing from a baking specialist shop. I baked a vanilla cake in the tin which made a nice skirt shape. I first coloured the icing with pink food colouring (tip: it is better to use powder colour rather than liquid for fondant icing because the liquid makes the icing quite sticky). Then I rolled the fondant into a ball and then rolled the ball into a flat circle using a rolling pin. Remember to grease the surface that you roll the icing onto and the rolling pin and also your hands with a clear cooking fat eg Holcem or Wooden Spoon. I’ve used normal butter before and that also works fine.

I covered the cake in apricot jam and then draped the circle of icing over the cake to make the skirt. I used my fingers to create folds in the icing to look like waves in the skirt fabric. I took the legs off a Barbie doll. I coloured more icing and rolled it out again and cut a bodice for the doll out of the icing and stuck that to the torso of the doll, then stuck the torso into the skirt and voila, I had a princess.

Next I just decorated the skirt by sticking ready-made icing flowers all over it (stuck on with a bit of butter icing) and little balls all along the edge of the skirt and across the top of the bodice of the doll. I sprinkled it with pink food glitter and tied a pink ribbon around the dolls waist and stuck a butterfly made from feathers that I bought at a florist into the cake against the doll’s back to create wings. I made 2 heart shapes out of the remaining icing to support the candles.

It turned out great and Hannah was delighted with her pink fairy princess cake!