I made this Fairy Tale Castle Birthday Cake with my 17 year old daughter for my 7 year old daughter’s birthday. This cake was made easier by using the mini sized ice cream cones for the turrets. It allowed me to scale down the whole cake and still fit in as many turrets and layers as I wanted to.

The base is 2 round 8 inch cake pans, and the middle is a 5 inch round Corning bowl, and the top layer is a cupcake. I used a store bought box cake mix and filled the cupcake and bowl with batter first then just split what was left between the 8 inch rounds.

All of the cakes are trimmed to be flat, and with straight sides (which is probably the hardest part for me!) Then its filled with strawberry filling between the layers (I simmer a store bought container of frozen sliced strawberries in syrup until it reduces a bit and is thicker, then I cool it and puree it in the food processor) and the cake levels are stacked on top of each other.

I then iced everything with store bought white icing that I tinted purple. I used strips of parchment paper all around the edge of the cake to protect the cake platter (which is just a cutting board covered in tin foil!) from getting icing all over it and pulled the strips out after. Then I iced the 6 ice cream cones pink and rolled them in pink and purple sprinkles. I piped store bought icing (tinted pink) around the base of each layer with a star tip to clean it up a bit and hide some mistakes and places where the strawberry filling leaked out.

Then using my writing tip I piped in the windows and doors and placed the turrets where I wanted them and piped stars around the bases to secure them in place. Then I used a spatula to spread icing for the path and sprinkled yellow sprinkles over it to stick and carefully blew away the excess. This is when I piped stars around the very base of the cake to cover where all the yellow sprinkled stuck to the base of the cake!

Then I covered more ice cream cones in green and placed them for trees and piped green around the bases and along the edge of the path to clean it up. The flowers are just piped using a star tip, then I flatten them down with a finger dipped in water, and pipe a dot in the centre with my writing tip and flatten it down again. The flag on top is a bit of white paper cut out and glued onto a tooth pick. I was going to put flags on all six turrets but it was REALLY hard to get them into the tops of the cones. I ended up snipping the tip off VERY carefully with scissors.

The whole Fairy Tale Castle Birthday Cake did take me about 6 hours start to finish, including baking time, but I’m new at this (this is only the third “custom” cake I have ever made) and I took lots of breaks! I’m really pleased how it turned out!