I am still learning this cake making deal, but I am pleased with the outcome of this farming cake. I made this cake for my nephew’s 3rd birthday.

I made a chocolate sheet cake from scratch. Then made buttercream frosting and attempted to color it the green used for John Deer. Boy oh boy, was this super tough. I just couldn’t get it right. I used all the green gel food coloring I had, then still not right! I ended up adding a little bit of black to it…thanks to this site.

I ended up looking on this site to see how others achieved a John Deer green and saw that someone had added some black to it as well. I don’t think I got it exactly right, but close enough for a 3 year old!

I used Rick Krispie treats for the barn and covered it in MM fondant that I had made previously. That stuff really holds up well in the refrigerator. I made it 4 days in advance and it was still fresh! I guess it holds up for weeks if stored correctly. I had just slathered it in Crisco, wrapped it in plastic wrap, then put it in a zip lock bag. Easy!

I made the corn and pumpkins from gum drops which are store bought. I just cut out little pieces and stuck a tooth-pick in them to hold them together and to make it easy to plant them in the chocolate buttercream field! I also added some gram cracker crumbs and chocolate sprinkles for the dirt in the field. I also added a few candy rocks and some coconut I colored green as grass for a little extra flare!

I made the the fence with pretzels I dipped in melted milk chocolate and refrigerated over night.

I always feel so accomplished when I am done, but while I am in the midst of it I am thinking what have a gotten myself into! Does that feeling get better? I hope so!