I made this Firetruck Birthday Cake for a 3 year old little boy that loves firetrucks. When doing my research to make this cake and the first 3D cake ever, I looked at a bunch of pictures and took my favorite ideas from several.

I started with two 11 x 15 cakes (one white, one choc). I cut off several inches to get the desired

width I wanted for the cake. I layered these two cakes with butter cream icing in the middle. At the one end, I placed two layered square cakes to make the cab. On my first attempt I did

not make sure this was secure and the next morning the cab had separated from the back. I quickly cut some cardboard pieces and gently lifted up the front end to put the cake back together. Next time I will know to firmly secure the cake before I ice it.

I completely iced the cake with red icing. I used super red and added a little maroon to get the desired color. When the icing had dried, I used the undecorated side of a paper towel to smooth the icing and make a nicer appearance. I used modeling chocolate to cut out windows for the sides and front. I also used modeling chocolate to make the strip across the top of truck and to make a grill on the front. I attached dots candy to the strip with a little icing for glue.

I used Wilton’s black tube of icing to make the doors. It’s pretty hard to make black icing from scratch and this works great. For the ladder I used pretzel rods for the outside and used smaller pretzels to make the rungs on the ladder. The hose reel was a little tricky and took a couple of tries to make it work. I used two whole Oreo’s and a cut pretzel rod. I put icing on the inside of the Oreo to hold as glue and then poured some melted chocolate on it to secure it.

After I felt that the reel was going to hold, I placed it in the freezer overnight. I used the peel n pull licorice to make the hose. If you can find the shoelace licorice, that would work a whole lot better but it is very hard to find. I also used the licorice to make a hose coil for on the side of the truck. After getting it in the reel shape, I placed something heavy on it to hold it until it dried. I attached it to the truck with icing. I used black licorice for the hose on the side and piped some gray icing around it to look like brackets.

Originally I wanted the truck to sit up a little higher but being this my first attempt, I didn’t manage to do that. For the tires I used 3 chocolate cookies (per tire for a total of 12 cookies) that I purchase at our local grocery store. I laid the cookies out for a few hours to make them hard. I put gray icing in between the cookies to make it look like it had tread. I piped 5 dots on the front cookie to look like hub caps. Next time I would pipe a whole circle and fill it in and then take black icing to make the

hubcaps. I piped gray icing around the bottom of the truck and around the tires.

I found a fire department clipart and I cut it out and laminated it. I “glued” it to the truck with icing. I am pretty pleased at how my first 3D cake turned out and the birthday boy was thrilled.