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Coolest Firetruck Cake 30

by Sarah U.
(Fort Myers, FL)

Fire Truck Cake

Fire Truck Cake

This firetruck cake was made on a double layer sheet cake. I then frosted the road with premade black frosting, which I don't suggest using unless first softened in the microwave. I then cut small strips of yellow marshmallow fondant to make the stripes on the road.

The grass was done with the Wilton grass/hair tip with green buttercream. I made the hydrant out of yellow fondant as well and placed a toothpick in the bottom to keep it from falling over. My husband built a wooden base out of a 1 x 4 and placed dowel rods in it to go down into the cake to keep it standing above the cake to make it appear to be driving down the road.

I covered it in tin foil to give it a chrome appearance for the bumper. I then made a 9 x 13 sheet cake, I used Hershey's cocoa cake recipe because it is very dense. I then cut two long rectangles just a little bit smaller than the wooden base and then a square for the cab of the truck and two small rectangles for the back. I put a crumb coat on it with buttercream.

I covered the truck with red fondant, which needs to be made at least 4 days in advance or buy the premade. I also covered some areas with grey fondant to resemble the chrome areas of the truck. I use Dots candy for the light bar and head/tail lights and JuJu Bees candy for the controls on the side of the truck. I rolled yellow fondant into a snake and made the hose for the top of the truck and used white buttercream for the ladder.

I used white fondant for the windshield and side windows. I cut a square out of the yellow fondant and then cut out little notches to make the maltese cross on the door. I used double stuff Oreo cookies for the wheels. It took a very long time, but turned out so adorable. Too bad the one year old will never remember it.

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awesome firetruck
by: roxanne

This looks good enough to be on Cake Boss!

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